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Make your own Keep Calm and Carry On items

< img src = "" atl "It's Christmas" />

< img src = "" atl "It's Christmas" />

Blogger Tips and Tricks

Create a custom 404 page.

Backlink generator  in case anyone borrows content.

Adding Gifs

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Sloper Instructions

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Blogs to chekc otu

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Canned food storage


List of Sewing tutorials

Her list of bags.


Supermoss  Can't find any care instructions.... can it get wet? does it fade?  available at craftstores... could I use it to create the potting bench look I want on the patio?  I saw a project where 3D cardboard letters were covered in this stuff.

Blogs to add

Life Your Way Printables
Be it ever so humble -- she hasn't updated since June of this year, but a lot of good info here.