Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Silhouette Giveaway...

Diaper Swappers is hosting a Silhouette giveaway!  It ends tonight so hurry!

Are Kindles the Greatest Invention Ever?

I think they rank up there!  DH and I were discussing why they are so smart.  They do one thing (at its core) and they do it extremely well!

The Nerds Wife is hosting a giveaway of a Kindle!  There are a bunch of ways to enter and the contest ends 12/31.  (So hurry!)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Frugalicious Mommy...

is hosting a giveaway of a $75 gift certificate to CSN Stores.  The giveaway ends 1/13 and there are many ways to enter.

Head on over to The Frugalicious Mommy and enter!

Monday, December 27, 2010

GHD Classic Styler Giveaway

Familylicious is hosting a giveaway for  a GHD Classic Styler.

It ends on 1/2 at midnight. 

My daughter would be thrilled to receive this for her birthday.  She is always drooling over the high quality straighteners!  (fingers crossed!)

PlasmaCar Giveaway

The ever fabulous Familylicious is hosting a giveaway for a PlasmaCar!

I think the Lady M would have a great time in our driveway with this!  When she has outgrown it, my neighbor would love to add this to her preschool.

Pretty in Pepto Pink...

Familylicious is hosting a giveaway for a Pepto Bimol Party Pack!

I am hoping to win so that I can use the pink party good for DD#2's birthday party!  I may keep the Ipod Shuffle for  myself! :-)  (so that I can tune out the screaming 6 year olds!)

Iowa Hawk -- Another one out of the ballpark

So You Lost Your Election

Silhouette Giveaway at Honey We're Home

Honey We're Home is hosting a Silhouette giveaway that closes on 1/1.   There are several ways to enter, so hurry on over.

I love the layout of her blog -- so clean and simple -- very readable.

Silhouette Giveaway at Brown Paper Packages

(What a cute name for a blog!)

Brown Paper Packages is hosting a Silhouette giveaway!  There are many ways to enter!

The giveaway ends at midnight on 1/1.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Silhouette Giveaway at Familylicious!

Familylicious is hosting a giveaway for the ever awesome Silhouette Machine from Silhouette America.

The giveaway ends January 2nd at 11:59 PST.

I would love to win this machine for a plethora of reasons!
  1. DD #1 has requested some vinyl wall art:  "A girl should be two things:  classy and fabuous. -- Coco Chanel"
  2. I want to etch a family tree mirror for my neighbor, who is always so good to us!
  3. I want to make some "Be blocks;" something like this.
  4. I want to put our family motto over our coat rack: One, two, three, NOT IT!
  5. I want to etch "Overcomer" mirror compacts for my Bible study ladies. 
  6. I want to make some subway art!
  7. I want to make some ultra cute cupcake holders!
  8. and much much more!

Silhouette Giveaway at Little Miss Momma

Hurray!  Another Silhouette giveaway!  Head over to Little Miss Momma for your chance to win!

Ends 12/31

Silhouette Giveaway at Life Arranged

My heart is going pitter patter!  There appears to be another wave of Silhouette giveaways!

Check out this one at Life Arranged.  Ends 12/31, I think as the winner is announced on 1/1.

Kill a WattEZ Meter

WAHM Resource Site is hosting a giveaway for an Kill a WattEZ meter.  DH and I have been planning on getting something like this to evaluate our electricity usage.  It is made by P3 INTERNATIONAL.

The giveaway ends on January 2nd.  Check back with her to see who wins.

I like her site; there was some nice encouragement.  I spent some time checking out a few postings about working at home -- there were some timely reminders about taking care of yourself.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I swear, I think the Kremlin...

times this stuff on purpose.  Drudge just can't help himself.  (Is it still called the Kremlin?)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gel Pro Mat Giveaway...

Here is a giveaway after my own heart.  Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House is hosting a give away for one of the GelPro mats I drool over looking at the ads in Fine Cooking every month. 

The giveaway ends on 1/17 and there are many ways to enter.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Wonderful Devotional...

I can be finicky about devotionals.  Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest is my gold standard.  A good and wise friend gave me Sarah Young's Jesus Calling.  I am liking this little devotional very much!  I think I know what I will be getting my Bible Study ladies sometime soon.

The Ice Machine Runneth...

DH bought me an ice machine for Christmas.  I am putting it though a couple of cleaning cycles so that it will be ready to go!  Ah yes, it is the little things in life...

The model is NewAir AI-100S.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Fabulous Idea

and fabulous execution:

Over at Sutton Grace, this very talented woman took this: 

and made this!

And...she inspired someone over at Giggleberry, who took this:

and made this:
Wow!  Beautiful!

Plow & Hearth Giveaway $50 gc woo hoo!

Confessions of an Overworked Mom is hosting a giveaway for a Plow & Hearth $50 gift certificate.  There are many ways to enter and even more ways for the winner to contemplate using the $50 at Plow & Hearth. 

The giveaway ends 12/26.

I know I would have a hard time choosing, but owls and/or  garden stuff is always a nice addition to the home place.

I'm so glad I came across her blog; it looks very interesting. She has chickens! (One several shared interests I see!)

Time is running out...

to enter The Coupon Challenge's giveaway of a Wii I-Spy game.  There are a bunch of ways to enter, but the giveaway is in its final hours!

Another Guidecraft Kitchen Helper...

Abby Approved (very cute blog name) is hosting a giveaway for a Guidecraft Kitchen Helper. 

This giveaway runs until 12/24 and there are many ways to enter.

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper

I know someone who would love this!  I know someone else who would love how it folds so compactly.  One lucky reader of Mamanista will win one!  The giveaway ends on 12/20. 

Show DH

Saturday, December 18, 2010

$50 gift certificate to Personal Creations

Thanks Mail Carrier is hosting a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to Personal Creations.  There are many ways to enter and the giveaway ends 12/23. 

I think Thanks Mail Carrier will become one of my favorite giveaway sites because they have their giveaways organized so well and  displayed so clearly in the sidebar of their blog!

Another personalized Christmas ornament giveaway

Pink Dandy Chatter is hosting a giveaway for an ornament from Ornaments with Love.  There are many ways to enter but the giveaway ends on 12/19 -- so hurry!

Another giveaway hosted by A Piece of Me

A Piece of Me is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Wind and Weather.  The giveaway ends January 2nd.

Wind and Weather has so many beautiful things for inside and out!  I think these granite owls would look gorgeous in the garden, but I am also tempted by the spinner.

Personal Creations -- $50 gc Giveaway

Head over to Piece of Me to enter to win a $50 gift certificate for Personal Creations.  Hurry it ends today 12/18, but there are many ways to enter!  Personal Creations has lots of fabulous personalized touches for your home.

Week of December 20th

12-18  Piece of Me -- $50 gc to Personal Creations -- w ann'd & emailed/48hrs
12-19 Pink Dandy Chatter -- personalized Christmas ornament from Ornaments with Love;
12-19 The Coupon Challenge -- Wii I spy game  win 2 b emailed
12-19 Keeping My Fingers Crossed - $80 CSN qed; win 2b emailed
12-20 -- Mamanista  -- Guidecraft Kitchen Helper 3 qed
12-21 Oh Amanda -- $100 Visa gift card. 1 qed.
12-22 Green Your Decor -- Timberland Boots  - entered all qed, will 2 b emailed
12-23 Thanks Mail Carrier -- $50 gc to Personal Creations  can Tweet daily with Win a $50 card to Personal Creations for unique gifts, apparel, decor and more! #thxmailcarrier #giveaway #win tweeted on 12/18.
12-24 -- Abby Approved -- Guidecraft Kitchen Helper qed
12-25 Big Girls Small Kitchen -- Le Creuset Braiser 2 qed
12/25  Confessions of an Overworked Mom -- Rebinder office supplies! (Need to do the follow up entries.)
12-26 Confessions of an Overworked Mom -- $50 gc to Plow & Hearth
12-31 Little Bit of Everything -- $55 gc to CSN 1qed

Giveaways to check out

12-19 -- Shop With Me Mama -- Carmex Lip Tintss
12-20? -- Networking Witches -- George Foreman Grill -- many participants
12-21 -- Dadventerous -- $75 Amex gc
12-21 -- Shop With Me Mama -- $25 Amex gc 20 winners!
12-21 -- Pretty Pink Momma -- $100 VISA Gift Card
12-22 -- The Little Kitchen -- Wilton Dessert Decorator Pro
12-24 -- Fashion Hippo -- $500 Amex gc
12-26 -- Moomettes -- Morton Salt
12-26 -- Familylicious -- George Foreman Grill
12-27 -- 3 boys & a dog -- Wii game (Hasbro games)
12-28 -- Life in Chicago -- $150 and $100
12-30 -- Familylicious -- Cardboard Castle
01-11 -- Hush Mama -- Retractable Leash

12-19 Mommies with Cents -- Cardboard Castle (only did the required entry)

Friday, December 17, 2010

How Cool! I was mentioned...

over at Once Upon a Chef. I didn't win the cookie contest, but the Lemon Thins were at least one of the 5 or so recipes she tried out of the hundreds she received.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rave & Review Giveaway

(I love the look of this blog!)  Rave & Review is hosting a giveaway of a digital picture frame and Windex Multi-surface.  There are many ways to enter.  Ends 12/19.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beaucoup de Gift Cards

Shop with Me Mama is hosting a great giveaway.  20 lucky readers will win $25 gift cards from American Express.  Even better is that one of the 2010 holiday gift cards issued by American Express for the season is worth $100k.

The giveaway ends 12/21.  Winners have 48 hours to confirm or a new winner is chosen.

Magic Tricks a Boy Scout could love

Mom Spotted is hosting a giveaway from Gummy Lump (is that the best name or what?) of a Melissa & Dough Magic Set.

My budding magician would love the rope tricks set: 

The giveaway ends 12/16.  There are many ways to enter.

Webkinz Jr -- Who knew!

Webkinz Jr  looks for good for younger kids -- especially those with older sibling who play Webkinz.

My little one would love this!  I haven't seen them in the stores here yet, but I will have to keep an eye now!

Mom Spotted is hosting a giveaway for a Webkinz Jr!  The giveaway ends 12/16, so hurry!

Orange Kitty would be perfect. 

Happy Dance!

Mom Spotted introduced me to JoeShopping -- it is a fab price comparison site.

Joe Shopping is giving a lucky Mom Spotted reader a $100 gift card from my favorite online retailer.  Three guesses, go:

I guess that wasn't even challenging.

The giveaway ends 12/19.  As usual, Mom Spotted is very generous with the number of ways to enter.  Enjoy!

January 2011

1-2  A Piece of Me -- $50 gc to Wind & Weather -- can Tweet Daily.  (Asked to tweet: "Win a $50 Gift Certificate to @windandweather during the Holiday Gift Guide Celebration @PiecofMeBlog  did 12/18,
1-3  Mom Spotted -- $75 gc to Plow & Hearth -- can Tweet Daily. did 12/18
          a) Twitter:  Win a $75 Gift Certificate from @PlowandHearth & @MomSpotted #giveaway ends 1.3.11
        b) FB  Win a $75 Gift Certificate from @Plow & Hearth & @Jennifer MomSpotted Giveaway Ends 1.3.11
1-10  Born to Impress -- $50 gc to Sonic -- can Tweet Daily. did 12/18  Win a $50 Sonic Gift card from Born 2 Impress ends 1/10 . @sonicdrive_in @born2impress #giveaway
1-17 -- Two of a Kind... --  GelPro mat        daily entries:
             a) Daily Tweet:  #Win a GelPro Kitchen Mat($149.99) @twoofakind #giveaway ends 1/17 
             b) Vote for her blog on Picket Fence Blogs
             c)  Post on FB daily:  Two of a Kind Working on a Full House is hosting a GelPro mat giveaway: ends 1/17.

Plow & Hearth Giveaway

Mom Spotted is giving away a $75 gift card to one of my favorite online stores!

I would love to use it toward this beauty:

I think know this would be a perfect aesthetic addition to the garden.  (And if it scared off a few voles or gophers, that wouldn't be so bad either!)

As always Mom Spotted has a plethora of ways to enter.  So head on over.  The Plow & Hearth giveaway ends on 1/3.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hasbro Prize Pack

My Silly Monkeys is also hosting a Hasbro Prize Pack giveaway!  It ends on 12/13, so hurry!  There are lots of goodies included!

Hasbro Prize Pack

A Nut in a Nutshell is giving away a Hasbro Prize Pack.  The prize includes a Cuponk game about which my son has been asking frequently.  The giveaway ends at midnight on 12/13.  You can tweet about it daily!

You have to check out this little quilt

It is a mug rug by My Sewcial Hour and it is being given away by Think Liz. Ends 12/17.  It is cute cute cute!  What detail!

A Beautiful Wine Bottle Shaped Cutting Board

A Nut in a Nut Shell is hosting a giveaway for a Wine Bottle Shaped Cutting Board from Weber's.

The giveaway ends on 12/18 just before midnight.  If I win this, I am giving it to my favorite neighbor!
Can tweet daily for more entries!

Scentsy Giveaway

Daily Venting and Exclamations is hosting a Scentsy Giveaway! There are lots of ways to enter (even more if you are from Central Texas!) Ends 12/16.

Air Hog

My Four Monkeys is hosting a giveaway for an Air Hogs Hawk Eye.

The giveaway ends at midnight on 12/13.  There are many ways to enter!  Hurry!

Wits and Wagers Family

My Silly Monkeys is hosting a giveaway of a Wits & Wagers Family game.  It ends 12/15.  There are many ways to enter!

People keep recommending this game to me, so I am looking forward to playing it for the first time.

After reading a bit more about the game and the company, North Star Games, I am thinking that this would be a great family game, ladies retreat game and a camping game!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Melissa and Doug Fantastic Giveaway

Mom Spotted is hosting a great giveaway.  She is giving away a Melissa and Doug dollhouse worth about $150!
 The giveaway ends on December 14th at midnight. (time zone unknown)

There are a bunch of ways to enter!  So head on over!
I know one little sweetie who would be so happy to find this under the Christmas tree.  Good luck to everyone!

Fantastic K'Nex Giveaway

Hurry it ends today!  Scoot on over to Tiaras & Tantrums and check out everything that is included.  Remember, you can never have too many K'Nex!

Her blog is fantastic-- it is a perfect mixture of great pictures, recipes and wit.

Week of December 13th

Check ThinkLiz daily.  May have just missed a giveaway of Amy Butler oil cloth.
Check Sew Mama Sew on Monday 12/13.  Expecting huge list of giveaways.

FoF Style is giving away a one month membership to One Day University.  Not sure when it ends. 1 qed

12/11 The Cup Cake Bandits -- a Demy! ends 12/11 -- winner emailed, if no response new winner on 12/15
12/12 ToyQueen -- Klutz group; midnight
12/13 A Nut in a Nutshell -- Cupbonk and more -- WINNER!!
12/13 My Silly Monkeys -- Hasbro Cupbonk   qed
12/13 Toyxplosion -- bakugan thing and video recording helicopter -- ends 12/13 winner ann on 14th  1 qed
12/13 My Four Monkeys -- Air Hog -- ends 12/13  .
12/14 The Smart Mama -- M & D Princess Castle ends 12/14 2 of 2 qed. WINNER!
12/14 Mom Spotted -- Melissa & Doug huge dollhouse, ends12/14.

12/15 Spend Less on Life -- P'Dub's Cook book
12/15 3 pm -- Toy Xplosion -- $75 gc to Amazon. 1 qed.
12/15 She Scribes -- Brother labeler -- ends 12/15 Haven't entered yet
12/16  Daily Venting -- Scentsy Giveaway --
12/16  Mom Spotted -- Webkinz Jr. -- Can Tweet Daily.  WINNER                                      
12/16  Mom Spotted -- Gummy Lump Magic set. -- Can Tweet Daily.  
12/17 Half Stitched -- very cute fabric -- very cute blog.
12/17 think Liz -- Super Cute quilted mug run 3qed
12/17 The Cupcake Bandits -- Petits Fours & Princess Party Cookbook 1 qed winner by email
12/17 - My Silly Monkeys - Wits & Wagers Family Game  WINNER
12/17 Kitchen Corners -- Zoku Pop Maker, ends 12/17 Check Back.
12/17 Where Women Cook  -- Le Creuset pan, ends 12/17. 2/2
12/17 Half Stitched is giving away some cool fabric.  Ends 12/17.  
12/17 Cocktails with mom -- dora digital camera -- ends 12/17 ___ Add'l entries!
12/19 Mom Spotted -- $100 Amazon gc -- Can Tweet Daily.
12/19 Rave & Review -- digital camera & Windex -- Can vote and tweet daily.
12/19 Savingsdotcom -- xbox -- ends 12/19  Haven't entered yet
12/21 Shop with Me Mama -- 20 - $25 Amex gc Can Tweet 3x Daily
12/23 A Nut in a Nutshell -- Wits and Wagers Family game -- ends 12/23 Haven't done the bonus entries yet.
12/24  Sherree's Alchemy is giving away Amy Butler's Stitches -- ends 12/24. 1 qed  Check daily!  She is giving away 39 things over the next 10 days.
12/30 Rave & Review -- Knife --  -- Can vote and tweet daily.havent entered all the ways my comments around #130.

Tiaras Tantrums -- knex -- a bunch! ends 12/11  qed 
Create Your Own Joy is giving away a scarf -- beautiful.  Ends 6pm 12/11. 1 qed. Winner to be announced

The Design Confidential -- a website to look at further
Fabulous Fun Finds -- another website to visit later.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week of December 6th

(Happy Birthday Anna)
Modge Podge Rocks -- Amy Butler's Stitches -- ends  midnight 12/8 1 qed

Friday, December 3, 2010

200 years of Civilization

look into December

Boutique Cafe is giving away Sorrel Boots ... check back 12/9
The Suburban Mom -- harry Potter Pop up Book -- check back around 12/9, ends 12/15 
The Suburban Mom -- Any Book Reader -- check back around 12/9, ends 12/16
My Loony Verse  -- Melissa & Doug Castle -- ends 12/17 Many ways to enter DAILY

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giveaways Fever

Weber's cutting board   Serendipity Mommy. Weber's cutting board Ends 12/1.  (winners tba in blog)
Slice of Heaven -- Land of Nod  -- ends 11/29 (can't find winner) (may have erred)
Calamity Jane's Cottage  -- Amy Butler book -- ends 12/3 2/2qed
Make Some Lemonade  is giving away an Amy Butler pattern.  Ends Friday 12/3 1 qed  WOOHOO!
 The Mom Reviews -- Leatherman Tool Ends Mon.12/13 can tweet and comment to earn more entries.
Kenziepoo Bunk Bed Buddy ends 12/3.
You've Gotto Taste This -- Le Creuset Doufeu -- Ends Mon 12/6 1 qed
Sew Sweetness  Sewing pattern every Friday, Ends every thursday
Once Upon a Chef  -- Le Creuset 5qt French Oven.  Ends  Fri 12/10.  Submit cookie recipe.  Winner featured on 12/17.
U-handblog -- Amy Butler fabric and 2 patterns -- ends 12/6 (announced on site 12/7)
Cooking with My Kid -- $50 Williams Sonoma gc  Ends 12/5.  Holiday recipes are posted each day through Comment on each Holiday recipe once and it serves as an entry.
11/30 - 1) tea cakes, 2) candied pecans (yum!);  12/2  - 3) popcorn, 4) sugar cookie decoration; 12/3 5) Sugared Cranberries; 12/4 ________________; 12/5 ___________________

I'm not sure my heart can take another

huge giveaway.  This time over at Design Mom.  Wow.  One  entry. Winner posted on 12/2.

and Sew Dang Cute hasn't heard from her Silhouette winner. I had 3 entries/2356.