Saturday, November 27, 2010

tracking the giveaways


0.0003   Homemade by Jill 1 entry/3388 (ended Fri Nov 26, winner tba Mon)

M__1.  Baby Center (No Biggie) 1entry/656 (ends ?, winner tba Mon at the site)qed
?__2.  How Does She 3 entries/3226 (ends ?, winner tba ?) LIST of hosts|17 qed
M__4.  Infarrantly Creative ~5 entries/1862 (ends Sun 12m EST, winner Mon, list of hosts)|14|15|21 tweet
M__5.  We Are That Family ~3 entries/1622 (ends ?, winner tba Mon)tweet
M__6.  Grosgrain Fabulous ~5 entries/2963 (ends doesn't say, winner tba Mon)twt!
M__7.  Thrifty Decor Chick ~4 entries/4625 (ends Sun 8pm, winner tba early Mon)twt! 
M__8.  Tatertots and Jello ~4 entries/3759 (ends Sun 12m MT, winner tba Mon,list of hosts)|14|16  qed
M__9.  Shanty2Chic ~ 3/1840 entries (ends ?, winner tba Mon)tweet!
M_10.  The Idea Room ~6/3585 entries (ends Sun 11pm MT, winner tba Mon, list of hosts )|13 listed|24 tweet!
11.  Moms Review 4 you   ~6/1245 entries (can vote daily, ends Mon. 12m, winner posted on site, contact attempted, list of other hosts )|24 listed voted Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. tweet Sun.qed
e_12.  Our Best Bites 1 entry only /2948  ~#1041 (ends 8pm MT 11/28, announced Monday, but they will try to contact winner)qed
e_13.  Make It and Love It   1 entry only/5059 (ends 11/28 and Ashley will contact the winner)qed
M_14.  Centsational Girl  3 entries/1591 (Check site Mon morning!)tweet!
M_15.  Southern Savers  1 entry only/1749 #1699 (ends Sunday 6pm, winner announced Monday 4am)qed
M_16. Sugar Doodles  2 entries/unknown # emails (ends ?, winner tba Mon 4am)qed
M_17. TomKat Studio  4 entries/1083 (ends Sun 11pm, winner tba early Mon)qed
?_18.  Love Stitched  5 entries/659 ~#490's (ends 11/29 9pm mst, winner ?, list of hosts )|14 listed| twt!
M_19. Deals for Dummies  (Crazy Coupon Mommy) ~10 entries/348 (ends 12:01am PST on 11/29 Mon, winner tba 12n Mon by blog post)tweet
?_20.  Best Party Ideas entries Kara's Party Ideas 4 entries/doesn't say (ends Sun 12m, winner tba?)qed
xx.  Decorating Ideas <-- This is the same gal as #7 above Thrifty Decor Chick.tweet
M_21.  Just a Girl 3 entries/972 # 903ish(ends ?, winner on Mon morning)tweet
T_22. A Beautiful Mess 1 entry/50 (ends?, winner chosen on Tues)qed
M_23.  House of the Hepworths  ~ 3entries/1056 (ends Mon 10pm cst, winner Mony 11pm cst) tweet
T_24.  Decor Chick 3 entries/520 (around #325) (ends Tues Nov 30 winner tba Tues Nov 30) list of hosts|12| 13 twt!
M_25.  Be Different Act Normal  5 entries/785 (around 100)(ends 10am MST Mon, winner by 11am) list of hosts|22 listed twt
M_26. Dollar Store Crafts 2entries/160 around #77 (ends ?, winner tba Mon)list |22 qed
M_27.  Sew Dang Cute 3 entries/274 around # 139 (ends Mon @10pm mst, winner tba then, list of hosts)| 23 listed qed
e_28.  Colies Kitchen 4 entries/100 around #1?  Comments are moderated, 0 so far. (ends Nov. 29 @ 10pm cst, winner notified by email has a list of host)|24 listed twt
M_29.  Givers Log 2 entries/319 (ends Mon, winner posted at 4am on Mon)qed
?_30.   CraftGossip 1 entry/85 (ends Mon 12m cst, winner ?)qed
?_31.  Living with Lindsay  1 entry / 68 (ends Sun, winner ?)qed
M_32.  Eighteen25  2 entries/353 (ends 6am Mon, winner tba later)qed
M_33.  Kevin and Amanda 1 entry/962 (ends Sun at 8pm cst, winner tba Mon)qed
?_34.  UCreate 1 entry/99 (#99) ish (ends ?, winner ?)qed

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